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Entry #8

Hey Bros..

2013-05-12 09:44:47 by CurlyWeirdo

AHAHAHA so apparently I have not made any artworks yet... XD TROLOLOL... but I HAVE MADE THIS!! I'm pretty sure i can't post this in the artwork section so... yeahh ahaha... just read my previous post so you'll know what going on in my life.... AHAHAHA LIFE!! xDD ROFL... Life?? WHAT??!! I want to post this on deviantart so bad... but meh, maybe some other time... :D oh yeah and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!

Hey Bros..


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2013-05-12 09:45:23

Familiar??? pffffttt... FCK IT... =)


2013-05-14 05:52:24

Self portrait? :P Nice work.

CurlyWeirdo responds:

TNX... !!! ^^